ASOS Marketplace And Why it is Popular

The ASOS marketplace is one of the largest and most popular online clothing shops. Its, origin is in the UK, but currently operating in many other countries across the world. The ASOS online shop started in the United Kingdom and as it continues to grow, it has established other online outlets in several other countries including Australia, America, and Asia.


What does ASOS stand for in the clothing industry?

This is a question that many people may be asking themselves. Most people do not know why they call the popular online shop ASOS and it is amazing to learn where the name comes from.

ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen.  Initially, the company was selling celebrity inspired clothes As Seen On Screen, hence the name that was later shortened to ASOS. This means that you could buy any piece of cloth you saw a celebrity wearing on screen, or when browsing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other online platform. Basically, you will get what you see.

As the name suggests, people are able to see and buy new designs and fashions almost in real-time from the internet. This is after seeing them on TV, through adverts, celebrity channels, events as well as social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Asos Marketplace

What makes ASOS marketplace popular?

The ASOS marketplace is a place for designer brands and celebrity style wear. Although ASOS has its own brand of clothes, it provides an online platform where other retailers can sell their own branded clothes. As such, it has a wide collection that includes almost all types of designer labels and brands from all over the world. Usually, the vendors apply to use the platform while ASOS does the management in addition to selling its own branded clothes.

ASOS manages to provide almost everything, including the latest fashion wear. Popular designer brands available on ASOS include Bench, Boxfresh, Hooch, Playboy, Ringspun, Rocawear, and more. In addition to providing both existing and latest designs to suit all tastes, ASOS ensures that the clothes are affordable.

Generally, ASOS has one of the largest numbers of independent online retailers of beauty and fashion products. The online shop provides over 60,000 branded women and men wear products in addition to its own label.

The ASOS online shop adds over 1000 new lines every week, hence making it one of the market leaders in online fashion shopping. Its main target is the fashion-aware twenty-something shoppers. The online shop is so popular that the ASOS website attracts over 6 million unique visitors per month, has over 14 million active customers from over 200 countries.

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