Top 6 Fastest and Free VPN Extensions of 2022

The fast and free VPN extensions provide the privacy and security that you require for your internet activities. Today, the internet has become part of our everyday personal and business activities. Despite the benefits it offers, such as allowing instant and cost-effective communications, security has … Continue ReadingTop 6 Fastest and Free VPN Extensions of 2022

Top 7 Lightweight and Heavy-Duty Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

Vacuum cleaners help you to lighten the household cleaning chores.  Getting the right size, power, and capability is vital in ensuring that you can efficiently suck up dirt, debris, and dust from hard floors, carpets, and other surfaces. Generally,  vacuum cleaners come in various sizes … Continue ReadingTop 7 Lightweight and Heavy-Duty Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

5 Best Electric Bikes 2022

Electric bikes are becoming popular every day. They allow you to travel further and can take the pain out of steep hills. Both novice and experienced cyclists rely on electric bikes for their daily commutes, offroad adventures, or weekend joyrides. E-bikes, also known as electric … Continue Reading5 Best Electric Bikes 2022

Top Trends in Video Editing

With the advancement of technology, video editing has significantly improved and now caters to the audience’s needs. Video creators are doing all they can to make sure that their work meets the industry’s new standards.  They are also trying their best to ensure that they … Continue ReadingTop Trends in Video Editing

Google Fuchsia Operating System

The Fuchsia operating system, developed by Google from the ground up, now officially runs on real devices. “New operating systems don’t come out every day, but today is such a day,” tweeted the technical head of the Fuchsia OS project at Google, Petr Hosek. The … Continue ReadingGoogle Fuchsia Operating System

Panama Canal History and Facts

Panama Canal is a famous shipping route and tourist destination due to its complex design and size that makes it the largest in the world. As one of the largest and most complex engineering projects in the world, the canal is an 82 km man-made … Continue ReadingPanama Canal History and Facts

Shipping Crisis as a Giant Container Ship Blocks Suez Canal

Ever Given container ship is stuck at the Suez Canal and, in turn affecting global trade by blocking one of the busiest as well as essential waterways in the world. Someone from this side of the world may wonder the reason international media are discussing … Continue ReadingShipping Crisis as a Giant Container Ship Blocks Suez Canal

Google enables Android devices to notice suspicious sounds

Google has released a fresh update for the Android platform, which will allow users to receive notifications when their smartphone hears some disturbing sounds. The function will be implemented by adding new features to the Live Transcribe application, which automatically translates into text any speech … Continue ReadingGoogle enables Android devices to notice suspicious sounds

Xiaomi Mi LUX OLED Transparent TV

Have you ever thought of how the technology world will have developed in the next 20 to 30 years? Have you ever imagined of having a television that physically looks like a simple rectangular glass? Come to think of it, how about the flying cars … Continue ReadingXiaomi Mi LUX OLED Transparent TV