Meta Introduces Paid Verification for Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Many media accounts belonging to prominent persons, brands, and organizations have a blue tick also called a blue checkmark or blue check. A blue tick confirms that the account’s identity is verified. Verification is usually for accounts that copycats are likely to target such as those belonging to brands, celebrities, and influencers.

Meta the company owning Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram has reacted to accounts verification demand by introducing paid verification. Meta owner, Mark Zuckerberg posted that the “Service will start in Australia and New Zealand before rolling to other countries.”

The subscription service dubbed Meta Verified allows Instagram and Facebook account verification with a government ID.  Twitter paused the pay-for-verification feature in November 2022 when impersonators started paying for verification badges (blue ticks) pretending to be celebrities and big brands.

Meta Verified service costs $11.99 for web users. Ios users pay $18.99.

According to Zuckerberg “The new feature increases authenticity and security across Meta services.” He also announced Meta would bring down all imposter accounts after verifying the authentic account.  Meta founder added that “we can effectively find and remove imposter accounts after you verify your account using a government ID because we know the account that is real to you.”

What are the benefits of paying to verify your social media account?


People verify that they found your account because they can differentiate between a genuine individual or brand account and a fan account. The blue tick is a status symbol that establishes brand credibility online.  Social media account verification is more critical than ever due to widespread fake news and media mistrust.

Improved account promotion

A blue tick helps promote your account by showing that it has a large following. People associate a blue tick with fame and influence. It helps draw attention to your account. The attention is beneficial to brands because it increases their visibility and reaches.

Security confidence for users

A blue tick creates a feeling of security among account users as they believe a verified account protects them from malicious activity.  Account security is important especially for celebrities and brands because they are often a target of malicious people.   The confirmation of authenticity and security of an account by a blue tick protects accounts from malicious activity.

 Scam protection

A blue tick differentiates a genuine account from the fake accounts used to promote scams.   Users see authentic and secure accounts without confusing them with accounts created by scammers.

Facebook Verification Procedure

You verify a Facebook account to get a blue tick by following the steps below.

  1. Open a verification request form on Facebook
  2. Chose the type of verification

Are you a public figure? There is an option to verify a personal profile. If you login into your account, you can select a business page to verify from a dropdown menu. All pages belonging to businesses you manage appear. You go through the verification process for each client or business.

  1. Confirm authenticity

Prove the authenticity of your Facebook page for your audience to see it is authentic.  Facebook requires credible documentation to approve your verification. You upload a copy of a credible identification document that can be one of the following.

  • National identity card
  • Passport
  • Driverꞌs license
  • Recent utility bill
  • Tax filing
  • Articles of incorporation
  1. Click Choose Files button to upload one of the documents.
  2. Confirm notability

You select a business page or profile category during the “confirming notability” step.  Facebook wants to be sure that the page or profile is something that people find interesting or search for before awarding a verification.  You choose from the following categories.

  • News/Media
  • Government & Politics
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Gamer
  • Digital Creator/Blogger/Influencer
  • Business/Brand/Organization
  • Other
  1. Add country

Add a country where you or your business if famous.  Choose a country or region where your largest audience lives even if you are a global company.  Study your Facebook insights or Google Analytics for statistics if you are not sure where you are popular.

  1. Add your audience and also known as(AKA)

This is an optional step but Facebook finds it simpler to confirm a verification when you provide more information.   Enhance verification by inputting basic demographic information about your audience. You can leave the section blank if you do not have AKA names.

  1. Add articles demonstrating your profile or page has public interest

An optional step but it is very useful in proving your case. You make your application for page verification more compelling by including Wikipedia profiles, articles, and social media accounts discussing your business. It proves that you draw peopleꞌs attention.

  1. Submit the form

Facebook adds a blue tick next to your username after accepting your verification application. Contact Facebook support if they reject your verification application to know what it takes to get verified.

Steps To Get an Instagram Verification Badge

Anybody can get an Instagram blue checkmark by taking the following verification process steps.

  1. Log into the Instagram account you plan to verify
  2. Request verification

Tap the menu button at the top right when in your Instagram profile. Tap the settings icon that resembles a little gear

  1. Fill out the request verification form

You fill out an application form to confirm authenticity. Type your legal name as it appears on your government ID. Follow by uploading an official identification document. You can upload a national ID card, passport, or driverꞌs license when applying as an individual.

You can use a tax return, articles of incorporation, or a utility bill with the businessꞌ’s name when applying to verify a business. Ensure the name on the verification and document match.

  1. Confirm notability

Pick the most accurate category from one of these categories.

  • News/media
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Gamer
  • Digital creator/blogger/influencer
  • Global business/brand /organization
  • Other

You will also be asked to fill country/region. Choose the country/region where you are famous. You select one country even if you are a global public figure or brand.

You get an option to add optional text describing your audience and share any AKA.

  1. Provide links

An optional but valuable step in supporting the Instagram verification application. You can add up to five links.

Instagram suggests adding other social media accounts and news articles. However, you should not add paid or promoted content.

  1. Tap send after completing the application

Instagram sends a response to your notification tab after reviewing your application. They can confirm your application and add a blue verified badge next to the username.

They may also notify you about the rejection of your application because it did not meet the criteria.

Find out ways of improving your profile, growing the audience, and transforming into a more noteworthy person or online brand if your application is rejected.  You can submit another verification request after making the essential changes 30 days after Instagram rejects the previous request.

Blue tick is a vital feature on social media platforms. It is a badge of authenticity, credibility, and trust. Social media users trust verified social media accounts, personalities, and brands.

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