SunPass Payment System For Florida Toll Roads

The SunPass is a prepaid toll payment program used by motorists in Florida. The system requires the motorists to purchase and attach a transponder to the inside of their cars’ windshields. The transponder is a physical device which is usually scanned by an electronic reader as the car passes through a toll station.

After the scan, the system deducts the toll from the motorists’ prepaid account. Some of the main benefits of SunPass are that it discounts tolls by about 25 percent while also saving substantial time motorists would spend at the toll booths.

Cost of SunPass transponders

Currently, there are two types of SunPass transponders of which each has a different cost.

  1. The SunPass Portable transponder: This costs $19.99 plus tax and usually attaches to the windshield using suction cups. This is removable and transferrable hence allowing you to use it on another motor vehicle or motorcycle.
  2. The SunPass Mini Sticker transponder: This costs $4.99 plus tax and stays permanently attached to the inside of windshield hence not transferrable neither can it be used on motorcycles.

Each of the two transponders requires at least $10 to activate.

sunpass toll payment

Where to buy SunPass

SunPass is available for a wide range of outlets including the online. You can purchase from any of the over 3100 retail outlets spread across Florida. These include CVS pharmacies, public supermarkets, Walgreens, AAA South offices, Amsoct Financial branches and more. Other outlets include Sedano’s Supermarkets and  Navarro Pharmacies in Miami-Dade and  Broward Counties.

The transponders are available at the Sunpass services centers as well as other places such as the Turnpike gas stations, Turnpike service plazas, etc.

 SunPass Activation

To activate the payment system, you require at least $10 in your Sunpass prepaid account. The following are the different ways to activate the SunPass

  • Activate online at SunPass website
  • SunPass Customer Service Centers
  • At SunPass Payment Center
  • By calling SunPass phone number: 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352)

Benefit of SunPass

The SunPass allows you to save money and time. In particular

  • You enjoy a 25% discount on the tolls
  • No need to stop to pay at the toll’s cash lanes

Where can you use SunPass

The SunPass toll payment works in all the Florida toll roads and for almost all the bridges. However, you can get more options by signing up for the Easy Pay and then linking the SunPass account to a debit or credit card. This will allow you to use the card to pay for parking fees at the Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Palm Beach and Orlando airports.

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