Top 6 Affordable and Fast VPNs for PCs in 2023

Affordable and fast VPNs for PCs and smartphones enable you to secure your communication without spending too much. Today, there are many solutions in the market, each with its capabilities, limitations, and cost. This article will help you to identify the cheap and fast VPNs that meet your requirements.

We’ve focused our attention on services that offer affordable prices for one-year and longer subscriptions since that’s where you’ll get the best value in the cheapest VPNs. However, it is good to understand that cheap does not mean inferior quality.

These VPNs performed extremely well in our tests. They are the best solutions for encrypting your web browsing, navigating geo-blocking applications, as well as streaming movies, shows, and sports from overseas. Of course, we reviewed their privacy policies to ensure they don’t collect and sell the data as you browse the internet.

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All VPNs mentioned in this list have been selected by our expert team and provide excellent value for money. Additionally, other fast VPNs packed with the same features are twice more expensive. If your top priority is the highest-quality security for your data as well as a comprehensive privacy policy, lightning-fast connectivity speed, or the ability to unlock virtually every site or service, then you’re in just the right place!

Top 6 Affordable and Fast VPNs for PC

Below are the best affordable and fast VPNs for PCs.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a simple-to-use, easy-to-navigate, and quick Windows application. It is one of the top-quality VPN services available. The VPN allows 7 simultaneous connections and has annual and monthly payment plans. Generally, CyberGhost is among the most affordable plans available in the market. Moreover, it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for its annual plans and a 14-day guarantee for money-back for the monthly plan.

CyberGhost VPN’s Windows application is safe quick, efficient, and cost-effective. It has solid security features in an intuitive dashboard. Also, it has optimized dedicated servers for torrenting, gaming, and streaming, as well as additional features such as dark web monitoring. In testing, CyberGhost only reduced my average speed by a small percentage, meaning I was able to surf the internet and stream videos without delays or lag.

Besides VPN, CyberGhost offers many other security products.

Benefits of CyberGhost VPN

  • Supports a lot of Platforms
  • Blocking of Malware and Adware
  • Secure 256-bit encryption and Profiled Servers
  • Excellent Long-Term Price Plans

Disadvantages of CyberGhost VPN

  • There are often interruptions in throughput which can be a nuisance
  • IP addresses that are static

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark made it simple for users to download torrent shows and movies without the worry of retribution. With unlimited devices with a subscription, this VPN offered us a different IP address each time we connected. This makes it more difficult to trace. However, if you want, you can also maintain the same IP address every time you connect from the same place. Additionally, it lets you stream Netflix as well as a torrent.

Once you’ve connected a VPN it is impossible for anyone to determine what you’re doing on the internet However, they are able to determine that you’re using the VPN because of the way your internet traffic appears. With VPNs, typically you have to connect to a variety of servers before we can find one that isn’t blocked, however, Surfshark took care of that for us, finding the appropriate server to connect to the correct streaming service.

The Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode makes it an excellent VPN for those who are concerned about restrictions imposed by the government. If you are worried that you could be in trouble if you connect to a VPN at school, at work, or in countries that do not support VPNs, Surfshark is for you.

Benefits of Surfshark VPN

  • Camouflage mode
  • Unlimited devices per subscription
  • Affordable prices with one – or two-year contracts
  • 30-day trial period

Drawbacks of Surfshark VPN

  • There is no phone support
  • You must set up the kill switches manually in Windows.
best cheap VPN surfshark

Hotspot Shield VPN

In the case of Netflix-watching parties, Hotspot Shield had us covered with lightning-fast speeds for our Mac as well as Windows computers. In addition, Hotspot Shield has a free alternative for those who don’t wish to invest money in a VPN but you’ll only have a daily data limit of 500MB, which could make watching movies as well as TV programs on Netflix and other streaming platforms somewhat difficult.

It’s clear that we don’t appreciate being aware we don’t like the idea that Hotspot Shield is based in the United States. We were nevertheless amazed that they publish annual transparency reports proving that they aren’t releasing information about customers, even when asked to do so. It is clear that Hotspot Shield is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of users the transparency report they publish shows that.

We generally avoid VPNs that are free due to how susceptible to unethical privacy practices and also because they are generally limited in the things they can accomplish. Hotspot Shield, however, is a trusted company with an established track record and we did not have any issues trying the free VPN.

Hotspot shield Fast VPNs
Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield was among the fastest VPNs that we tried with Windows as well as Mac computers. Hotspot Shield has strong streaming potential. In addition, Hotspot Shield is affordable which makes it best for those who are young and want to broaden their entertainment choices without spending too much.

Benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN

  • Fast speeds and a free option
  • Netflix access
  • Access to Torrenting
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Military-grade encryption

Disadvantages of Hotspot Shield VPN

  • Keeps the IP address

Private Internet Access

A service that is able to do exactly what it claims in its name. Private Internet Access has been on the market for some time, but it is only recently rising in the VPN rankings. The service is now on the verge of beating Surfshark’s cheap VPN guide.

In our most recent tests, we were impressed by the quality of its client and applications. Not only are they simple and easy to use, but, they also pack additional features that anyone would like to completely personalize the VPN experience. The best pricing is contingent on your satisfaction to commit to it over the next few years and to pay in advance to get the privilege, but any doubts can be dispelled due to the fact that PIA is constantly improving.

For streaming, it is constantly adding new services to its “unblock” list. Its recent revamp is a good indication, at least superficially, that it’s an organization that invests in the future.

Benefits of Private Internet Access

  • The server count increases dramatically
  • Always improving
  • Affordable

Disadvantages of Private Internet Access

  • Not the fastest VPN


PureVPN is one of the best VPN services for streaming, watching movies, and increasing your privacy and internet security. It is quite reliable and able to deblock iPlayer from outside of the UK (although Netflix and others aren’t allowed) and, perhaps most importantly, it has completed an audit of zero-logging by an independent company which means it doesn’t record any activity logs.

Ideally, it is one of the best VPN services for streaming.

The VPN offers fast browsing speeds. (around 840Mbps). However, the online support on the website requires some improvement. At this price, however, PureVPN is an incredible deal and definitely worth a try.

Get the Best VPN Service at PureVPN

Benefits of PureVPN

  • Incredibly low cost
  • There are many servers around the world
  • Zero-logging audit
  • Has over 6500 Servers in more than 78 Countries

Drawbacks of PureVPN

  • It’s impossible to access Amazon Prime Video
  • The apps aren’t as great as the competition

ZenMate VPN

There are more robust services on the market but they do not offer the same value for money in the same way as ZenMate VPN. If you pay for the service, you can enjoy a variety of benefits! We like the fact that ZenMate VPN gives its customers the option of a kill switch. These are essential features and we were happy knowing that my internet connection was secure, even if the VPN connection failed.

ZenMate has its headquarters in Germany and, reassuringly, abides by a zero-logs policy that assures that no data is kept of user activities. Alongside having a kill switch, ZenMate also has a kill switch. ZenMate kill-switch has turned on automatically, meaning you’re safe from dropping outs when you install the application.

The experience of watching all this content is simple also it is easy to navigate, and ZenMate offers sleek applications for all platforms and certain browsers! Contact the ZenMate customer support team, always available. We received faster and more accurate answers when communicating by live chat so it’s important to keep this in mind.

This means that the VPN is an ideal choice for users who want an application that can secure their online browsing and provide easy access to services that are in demand.

Advantages of ZenMate VPN

  • ZenMate is a low-cost alternative
  • VPN choice for multiple devices
  • This service allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • This is insane given the cost!

Drawbacks of ZenMate VPN

  • A few issues with the interface

Fast VPNs Buying Guide

Below are some of the key factors to consider when looking for a VPN solution.

VPN user experience

The many aspects of the VPN affect the user experience. There are some apps that are extremely cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Some may take a long time for connecting to VPN servers. Although this doesn’t impact the quality of your connection however it could cause you huge headaches in the event you pick the wrong provider.

Performance of the VPN solution

Many users use VPNs to stream entertainment like television and movies and movies, we search for VPNs that offer Netflix and access to torrenting. Be aware that Netflix continuously changes its code to block VPN connections, therefore it is not a guarantee it will function on a VPN.

Another thing we are looking at is the split tunneling feature. This allows users to connect to both the VPN and public networks simultaneously. This means that there is less bandwidth, which may result in speed increases. We also like multi-hop or double-hop VPNs since they secure data multiple times across multiple servers.

Customer support

While VPN companies aren’t well-known for their customer service, however, they should include live chat support as well as a web-based help desk. Live chat with 24/7 availability is the preferred option as are the extra points if they have an online number.

Budget and cost of the VPN solution

Lastly, it’s essential to keep your budget in your mind. There’s a wide price range with regard to VPNs. However, if you’re budget-conscious There are alternatives like NordVPN, which could cost as low as a few dollars per month. Be aware that with a lot of VPN firms, the more time you’re willing to commit the more you pay, and the lower the monthly fee.


This article hopefully has helped you select one of the best VPNs that work with Windows no matter if you’re using it for work or for pleasure. Be aware that even with all VPNs appearing similar on the outside view, they could be very different on the inside.

Certain VPNs are specifically designed for new users who wish to access wanted content and test out other Netflix libraries. If you’re one of them, you can go through our guide for beginners to make use of your first VPN.

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