Top 6 Fastest and Free VPN Extensions of 2023

The fast and free VPN extensions provide the privacy and security that you require for your internet activities. Today, the internet has become part of our everyday personal and business activities.

Despite the benefits it offers, such as allowing instant and cost-effective communications, security has been a challenge. Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for private data which they can steal and use it to their advantage. Additionally, advertisers may use the browsing information to track your purchasing habits or interest and then keep on sending you ads to you.

To protect yourself or business, you can use a VPN extension for your internet browser. A VPN (virtual private network) lets you browse the internet anonymously and even access restricted content in certain regions. It is possible to use these no-cost Google Chrome VPNs if you are looking to stream music, media videos, as well as other types of content. All of them are free and can help you achieve your goals.

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For the purpose of this article, we will focus more on Google Chrome. However, the VPNs we are reviewing may have support for other browsers. In the case of Google Chrome, having a top VPN plugin can be an essential tool. It helps you to maintaining your privacy and increase efficiency while on the internet.

Top 6 Fast and Free VPN Extensions

If you’re looking for the best, fast and free VPN extension for chrome, you may be overwhelmed by the many products in the market, hence make the wrong choice, To help you identify the best product that meets your unique requirements, we have reviewed the various solutions and identified the best 7 free VPN extensions based on a wide range of criteria.

PureVPN Extension

PureVPN provides one of the best VPN extension for the Google Chrome browser. It helps you to secure all your internet activities. The no-cost VPN Chrome add-on will block restricted websites. Additionally, it is also compatible with all devices, including PCs, computers, smartphones, and Android.

purevpn free vpn extensions

Besides the chrome extension,  PureVPN provides other great VPN security components from computers, servers, phones running windows, MacOS, android, Linux and more. For example, the PureVPN premium version comes with WireGuard VPN Protocol, which offers  faster speeds, hence suitable for a wide range of applications including streaming services.

Additionally the PureVPN VPN solution is a great, reliable and easy to use service that secures your entire network and internet activities.  It usually comes with huge discounts when you subscribe for a two-year contract.  One good thing is that you do not have to buy it upfront, since can try the PureVPN VPN products free of charge before subscribing.

If you would like to secure more of your internet activities besides Chrome, you can Try PureVPN VPN solutions at no cost.

Benefits of PureVPN free VPN extension for chrome

    • You can easily surf the web or visit websites
    • It provides privacy and speed
    • Ultra-fast streaming and secure
    • You can hide all your activities by removing them from your ISP
    • PureVPN had several virtual servers distributed across various geographical locations.
    • Supports major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Get the Best VPN Service


  • Clunky VPN apps
  • Doesn’t work well with Netflix

Hotspot Shield

Perhaps, a lot of you have heard of this VPN or tried it. However, if you aren’t familiar with Hotspot Shield and Hotspot Shield, then you should utilize this chrome VPN since it’s free and comes with amazing features. Yes, the VPN does more than serve as a VPN however, it also provides you with the benefit of an advertising blocker.

Furthermore, Hotspot Shield is completely free to download for your PC or browsers. It will help you protect your personal information to avoid censorship, enjoy top-quality security and gain access to the content you love on the internet. Its premium version also comes with enhanced capabilities.

Hotspot Shield is the most well-known and reliable VPN for Chrome. There are millions of people using it and allows users to connect to all blocked websites worldwide. With just one click, you’re ready to go. It’s not necessary to sign-up to start.


  • A variety of privacy features
  • It’s super easy to utilize
  • Unblocking power is plentiful


  • Below the average speed
  • Some session logging

ZenMate Free VPN Extension

ZenMate is an excellent VPN that provides excellent protection and anonymity hence allowing users to securely access a wide range of websites including those restricted to specific regions. After installing the VPN it provides an extremely fast connection, total leak protection, as well as online activities security.

In addition, it employs powerful encryption to safeguard your information and conceal an IP address. It’s the simplest method of staying safe and secure online. ZenMateVPN connects you directly to the best secure servers across the globe and streams content in complete anonymity.

It does this in a way that you change your IP to one of the distant servers. It works with over 74 countries, offers the highest security, and total freedom unblocks streaming websites as well as hides your IP and is simple to configure. It works on every device and platform.

Benefits of the ZenMate Free VPN

  • Offers excellent security
  • It is easy to install
  • You can stream content with complete anonymity
  • Supports more than 74 countries
  • Supports major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, etc.


  • Some connections issues can arise

BetterNet VPN Extension

Betternet Unlimited is a cost-free VPN extension available for Chrome and allows users to gain access to blocked websites. It will also allow you to bypass firewalls, and provide secure connections and encryption of your data. The user can hide his identity in different locations through VPNs such as the UK as well as the USA and change his IP address and protect his privacy. We will offer you a button to enable it in Google Chrome.

Betternet is an established VPN that provides both paid and free versions. Although it’s loved by many smartphone users, the service has a troubled past. We’ll go into more detail on the following Betternet VPN review A group of researchers found Betternet using malware to embed tracker libraries into their VPN applications.

Benefits of BetterNet VPN Extension

  • Benefits included in Betternet Unlimited VPN
  • Excellent interface
  • One tap to connect to the VPN
  • Locations include UK and USA


  • It lacks the basic security features such as a VPN kill switch
  • Unreliable speeds

Windscribe Extension

When it comes to extensions for browsers, Windscribe is in its aspect. Take a look at the blogs that the team posts about what the best Chrome VPN extensions can do.

In short, the company adopts the ‘freemium’ model and applies it to the Chrome extensions. That’s a great thing for you since it means there’s a dependable free VPN alternative available to everything you need to begin using within Chrome in a matter of minutes.

It provides plenty of potential for geo-spoofing and IP privacy with a monthly limit on data usage of 2GB. However, even with this feature as of our last check, there were more than 10 countries that can be connected, comprising those from the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK. It doesn’t end there, as it also throws up additional extras to make your internet more secure, including an additional ad blocker and malware blocking.

Of course, in a perfect scenario, Windscribe wants you to be so impressed that you’ll move on to sign up for the Pro plan. It’s more expensive than the majority of other providers today, but you can access the service on an unlimited number of devices at the same time.

Benefits of Windscribe free VPN Extension

  • Great free option
  • It is loved by its customers
  • Simply start the program and make use of it
  • Unlimited connections


  • Live chat support is appreciated
  • The Premium version is a bit more limited in servers than the majority


purevpn free vpn extension
                                Anonymous browsing Image PureVPN

Dot Free VPN Extension

It’s a no-cost VPN chrome extension that provides unlimited bandwidth. It has powerful servers at 10 virtual locations. Furthermore, it allows access to all websites as well as all the other content. If you cannot access any content within the virtual location you can switch to a different virtual location at any time. If you’re unable to access what you need, you may ask them to resolve the issue for you.

DotVPN is one of the VPNs that boast super-fast connections, high-quality encryption, high bandwidth, and even native DNS servers. While numerous VPNs claim to offer these features, however, only a handful of them can fulfill them to the fullest extent.

DotVPN typically utilizes proxy servers. This allows you to access content that is blocked on websites but doesn’t secure the data and information you transmit and receive. Additionally, the fact that the server is located in China which is one of the top internet censorship rankings makes it somewhat suspicious.


  • A good privacy policy
  • Very high speeds
  • Simple pricing plans
  • Some good security features


  • A very little list of servers
  • There is no streaming service available


There are several free VPN extensions in the market for the Google Chrome browser. As such, you need to look and compare features, benefits and limitations before settling on the best that better meets your requirements. Generally, you need to select the free VPN extension that offers best security and privacy without degrading the browsing or apps access performance and experience.

Towards this, our company hopes that it has provided you with the best free VPN extensions available for Chrome. However, if you would like us to review an extension that we might have missed out, please feel free to contact us.

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