New crystal that can Capture Carbon from Humid Air

Researchers are working on a copper silicate crystal that can be used to clean emissions especially where the exhaust fumes are channeled through pipes.
One of the greatest challenges facing mankind in the 21st century is Climate change and Global warming which has been greatly contributed by the increase in Carbon emissions in the atmosphere.
The effects of climate change are already being felt with changes in weather patterns which have begun threatening some ecosystems.
With this in mind scientists are finding ways in which they can extract Carbon IV Oxide from the atmosphere and the gas put to commercial use as it has many uses. One of the challenges that face the extraction of CO2 gas from the air is that the gas is always produced with water molecules the during combustion process which is one of the major contributing human activities that leads to highest carbon emmisions.
This has made it a challenge to extract the gas as the costs of dehydrating the air are high hence may limit the scale to which extraction of Carbon IV Oxide from air is done. But scientists have made a breakthrough by making a crystal with the ability to capture CO2 gas even in very humid conditions.
The scientists Osamu Terasaki and Peter Oleynikov from Stockholm University have created a stable and recyclable material, which has micropores in its structure that selectively absorb water and Carbon IV Oxide at different sites of the material. Normally in humid conditions water is given the higher priority and is absorbed first but the material named SGU-29 absorbs both molecules but at different locations with enormous CO2 uptake.
The material is a copper silicate crystal and can be used to clean emissions especially where the exhaust fumes are channeled through pipes. The Carbon IV Oxide that will be absorbed can be used to make more valuable products and can also be used to produce green energy by conversion to Syngas which can then be used to run generators and at the exhaust of the generator the material can be placed so as to continue the recycling process.