Xiaomi Mi LUX OLED Transparent TV

Have you ever thought of how the technology world will have developed in the next 20 to 30 years? Have you ever imagined of having a television that physically looks like a simple rectangular glass? Come to think of it, how about the flying cars that have been rumored by people all over that they are soon to be brought up?

Some technology companies are inventing devices that are way ahead of time. An example of such companies is Xiaomi. Xiaomi has also come up with a certain phone model that the screen display is on all sides of the phone which is the front, back, and even both sides. The power and sound buttons in this case are virtual.

Why an OLED transparent television?

Well, Xiaomi decided to outdo all the recognized giant technology companies and produced Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition. This happens to be the first-ever transparent OLED television to be produced in the world. Transparent OLED has only transparent components which are cathode, anode, and substrates.

The special thing about OLED is that it produces light within its layers and therefore no need for background lighting like LCD. This feature makes the images seem like they are floating which is quite attractive. If you are a gamer, trying out this television could be very enjoyable as the images look very realistic.

The clarity of images on the TV could be affected by the kind of lighting that is in the room. You should therefore consider the background to be either plain black or plain white or 50% grey. This is meant to enhance the clarity of images since the screen is a transparent glass.

Features of Xiaomi Mi TV LUX

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX display
Xiaomi Mi TV LUX display – Image: Tehnot

 The display screen measures 55 inches and a very thin width of 5.5mm approximately which is the same as a cigarette. You should be aware that you cannot mount this television on the wall since it has its circular base that is attached to the screen.

If you are wondering where the sound output is located and other electrical parts such as ports and the power button, then the circular base is the answer. This television has a feature that detects the type of content being played and it automatically sets a suitable audio mode. The AI Master for Audio is responsible for this.

There is an Always-On display mode that just displays images and text when the television is not in use. The Bluetooth version is 5.0. The CPU type is CORTEX A73 QUAD-CORE. It has two USB 2.0 ports. The power consumption is 190W which is efficient due to OLED which does not consume a lot of power compared to LCD and LED.

The cooling is enhanced by the chipset that has a heat sink and the circular base which has a lot of vents for cooling. More than 1 billion color combinations can be displayed by this screen and have a 93% coverage of DCI-P3. It also has an excellent 1ms pixel response time.

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX circular base
Xiaomi Mi TV LUX circular base – Image: Tehnot


 You can imagine having such a luxury in the house that would even complement the other accessories in the house.

What is my take on Xiaomi OLED Transparent TV technology?

What do I think about this innovation? Well, it is true to say that it is a device that welcomes us to the future of the technology world. Also, it is a great investment if you use it in a commercial place to attract clients.

However, this television is not for everybody since people have different tastes and picky in some features like the resolution. The resolution of this television is 1920 by 1080 which might discourage those who consider image clarity before luxury.

This television goes for around $7,000. In your technology adventure, why not try out this Xiaomi Mi TV Lux and put in your bucket list and eventually try it out.


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