Titan Zeus £1 Million 370 inch TV, The Size of a Football Goal

Titan, a British screen manufacturer, has unveiled the Titan Zeus 370-inch (8m by 5m) T.V that costs £1million – the largest and most expensive TV in the world.
The “Titan Zeus” is designed for both indoor and outdoor domestic use, creating an astonishing picture quality for viewing film, gaming and sport. It has a full 4K resolution with 65 billion colours and weighs in at nearly a tonne.
The manufacturer says it has already pre-sold two of its Zeus and it will only make four TVs of this size. A customer is only required to make an order and Titan design the TV with regard to the architecture property and will install your TV and deliver it in a custom built Hummer.

370 inch TV
370 inch TV     image : t3

Titan CEO, Anthony Ganjou says the company assembled the best screen technologists to design and produce ‘not only be the biggest but the most the extraordinary ever conceived’ screen optimized for the home
environment. Titan also manufacturers bespoke ultra high-end 173 inch TV sets for just £150,000 and says the interest these screen have created prompted the team to design something iconic and that it took over six months to build the million pound screen almost the same size as a football goal .
Titan builds all the elements of the screen which includes both software and hardware to create creating an astonishing picture quality and amazing audio-visual experience while integrating the latest interactive technology that can be controlled through gesture, emotion or even a simple wink.
Titan has also made other custom TVs, with the waterproof Titan screen emerging from a swimming pool, curved screens for a super yacht sun deck being the major highlights.