Ten Innovative Technologies that will Make our Lives Better

A wide range of innovative technologies continues to ease the way we do things. Over the past few decades, we have seen the development of various technologies that are helping mankind to do things more efficiently, faster and at lower costs. Ranging from transport and communications to medical and energy, the list of industries where technological innovations are impacting is endless. These are making us achieve things that we never imagined a few decades ago.

Innovative Technologies video    Courtesy: World Economic Forum

In the near future, we are likely to see several innovative technologies in which some will complement existing ones while others will be completely new. One thing for sure is that these will have a big impact on our lives, how we do things, our comfort and how we relate with one another.

List of ten emerging Innovative Technologies

  1. Augmented reality  (AR)
  2. Plasmonic materials
  3. Lab-grown meat
  4. Super advanced personal assistants
  5. Electroceuticals
  6. Drug-making cell implants
  7. Gene drives
  8. AI molecular design
  9. Quantum computers
  10. Personalized medicine

Challenges of technology in the society

Despite the many benefits that technology offers, there are also some drawbacks that we must be aware of and see how we can overcome or minimize them. Challenges include misuse, social, ethical issues, aiding crime and others

For example, while mobile phones help us to communicate with others regardless of the location, some of the users misuse them. Typical cases include lying about their location, swindling people on mobile payment systems, sending abusive messages, spreading sensitive information, etc.

Other drawbacks of mobile technology, is that it has led to less social interactions in the homes and other setups. It is not uncommon to see a group of friends in a social setup, who, instead of talking to one another, everyone is on the smartphone chatting with other people who are elsewhere. This is also happening at homes, where parents do not even have time for their children. Most often, parents and older children are usually busy on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops whenever at home, hence only giving little time to the young ones.

Similarly, the Internet of Things, drones CCTVs and other technologies are making our lives easier. However, criminals are also using them to spy on people or use such information to sabotage others or carry out other criminal activities.



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