Portable USB/Battery Powered Sewing Machine

The clothing industry has not been left behind in implementing newer technologies. From wearable technology based cloths, 3D printed cloths, computerized sewing machines printing embroidery from the internet and many more. Advanced sewing machines seem to increase day by day.
One of  gadgets is the USB Electric Mimimishin. This is a sleek and compact sewing machine that enables one to sew from anywhere and ideal for quick repairs.  The sewing machine, whose dimensions are 45x38x210mm (width x height x length), weighs 232g only. In fact, it is small enough to fit in the handbag or a purse.
USB Electric Sewing portable machineThis Japanese manufactured gadget is like a stapler and is able to sew materials such as the denim and normal clothing materials like the polyester and cotton. This is very ideal when you want to do a fast sewing or mend your cloth if it just decides to malfunction when you are carrying out your other business.
The USB Minimishin sewing gadget uses four AA batteries in its completely portable state. However, you can connect it to the USB power when the situation allows. Loading the thread and stitching your cloths is very easy and possible anywhere at your convenience.
It will not be a surprise to see 3D clothes being printed as copies or being ‘clothcopied” (photocopied). Why this copying will be possible, is again due to the available 3D technologies in the market. These allow the 3D scanning of objects using the 3D scanners. The scanned image of the object can then be printed using an appropriate 3D printer.