Samsung Galaxy A5 – Samsung’s Thinnest Metal Bodied Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A5 Smartphone joins the race of some of the slimmest metallic smartphones.
For some time Samsung has faced sharp criticism due to its production of high-end  plastic Smartphones, however, it now seems that they have something great for their customers. Back in August 2014, Samsung announced the release of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 was in the pipeline.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung galaxy A5 metallic body
Just recently the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy A series which has the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 editions was released and as they had described the smartphones, they have a metallic back. This series was delayed for sometime and was actually released behind schedule. This is due to the slow production of the metallic bodies which has made the rolling out of the models into the market take some time.
About half of the metallic bodies failed the quality test meaning that they had to be taken back for remodeling. There are some reports that due to the production constraints the models may only hit a few selected markets where their uptake will be fast and meet the expectations. Among them in Asia is China which is known for its large market uptake as well as technological knowhow.
To date the phones have only been listed in their Chinese website and is available in both the single and dual nanosim versions. In the Chinese website there is no online purchase platform. What Samsung has done is to direct the potential buyers to the shops that have them in stock. This is a clear sign that the production is still lagging behind schedule and that the handsets are still few in number. Samsung which is known for its high-end hi tech smartphones, has not disappointed at all.
The Samsung Galaxy A5 model goes for about CYN 2599 which can translate to about $410. There is not much difference between the specifications of the single and dual versions. The Samsung Galaxy A3 model is yet to be listed in the website. Unconfirmed reports had stated that the A7 model would be released almost immediately after the launch of the A3 and A5 versions but no official information from Samsung has confirmed this. Plus with the slow production it may take a bit more time before the Samsung Galaxy A7 hits the market.
Samsung has been keen on expanding its market share in the Smartphone market worldwide and move a step ahead of its competitors. This is being achieved by the launch of new models with specific target markets which means that the uptake will be great for the specific market. This has already been seen in India as earlier in the month of November 2014, Samsung released its Samsung Z version which was a first time for such a launch in India for that matter. Samsung is intending to gain maximum dominance especially the South Asian market as well as the entire Asian market .
Samsung Galaxy A 5

Samsung Galaxy A 5 specifications
The metallic designs are very interesting per say and the models happen to be the thinnest Samsung smartphones in the market. The hard metallic body means that the models will be more durable. Among its other features the Samsung Galaxy A5 model has a 5 inch High Definition AMOLED display, a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor, Random access Memory of 2GB as well as an internal storage memory of 16 GB with the capability of expansion to reach a maximum of 64 GB. It also has a front camera with a resolution of 5 Megapixels and a rear 13 MP camera. The model runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat though it may be upgraded to Android 5.
The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A5 Smartphone make it efficient in executing tasks and multitasking. And with Samsung inbuilt battery optimization options the gadgets will have a long battery life. Samsung has been also working on its own mobile OS that will be used to run its smartphones. The Samsung Tizen operating system though has only been installed in few models such as the recently launched Samsung Z Smartphone.
Its official release has not yet been confirmed but it will not take long before the newer models of 2015 start operating on their Samsung Tizen OS, as its development is in the finalizing stage. A lot can be expected from the tech giant whose dominance in the market cannot be ignored. As for the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 models, many buyers will have to wait a bit longer until their production numbers is sufficient for the targeted markets.

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