Paint Removal – Scraping or Using Eco-friendly Paint Strippers

A well-done painting job on a building is very appealing and looks great, however, the paint’s lifespan is limited to a few years and a new coating is required now and then. There are times when it is not possible to apply a new coating due to various reasons and this necessitates the need to remove all the old paint and start afresh.
The paint removal process is not a simple task and some older lead-based paints could be hazardous, this requires a lot of expertise and careful handling of the waste. Several techniques are available for paint removal jobs, some of these are; using heat, scrapping off the paint using a sharp object (mechanical), or using chemical paint strippers. Different types of chemical strippers are available and their usage is dependent on the type of paint and depth or rather the number of layers being removed.
The type of surface being cleaned will also determine the type and concentration of chemical stripper that one will use to ensure a thorough and clean job for all our customers. The most common and preferred is the new environmentally friendly chemical, also referred to as the green paint remover or rather the green paint stripper. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this chemical’s performance is better than that of older strippers.

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The green stripper weakens the bond between the paint and the base whilst the older ones just made the paint swell and then be removed is small chunks leading to more use of the chemical, this environmentally friendly chemical, on the other hand, removes large coatings of the paint, uses less chemical, has less waste and has a mild smell.


Once the paint is removed, the final step is to clean the substrate which is dependent on the paint type and chemical used, in case the environmentally friendly chemical was used, it is easily cleaned using water, unlike the older stripper where one must use a solvent like the mineral spirit or turpentine.