Concrete Surfaces Pressure Washing

A concrete surface requires regular cleaning in order to maintain its beauty, extend its value and service life. The three commonly used methods are steam washing,pressure washing and water washing.

The steam has the most intensity followed by the pressure and then the water, the method used is determined by the type of surface and dirt to be removed, the choice of the cleaning solution or detergent is also dependent on the same, Intertel Property Services professionals will be able to make the best choice as per the job.

For any of the surface cleaning to be done, one must make sure that the concrete is at least 7 days old otherwise the cleaning might damage the surface or the finish.

All debris, leaves, loose materials and other obstacles that might get on the way should be removed before the cleaning process begins. The furniture and any other movable equipment will also need to be moved or covered to avoid getting the dirt and water during the cleaning process. One should also make a provision for the removal of the dirt, wash water, loose deposits and debris that comes off the surface during the cleaning process

The Pressure Washing Process
This is ideal for large concrete surfaces and involves using jets of water at high pressure directed towards the surface being cleaned. There are different sizes of water pressure machines available with either petrol or electric pumps. Most of these will normally have adjustable pressures and temperature control.

The Intertel Property Services professionals will assess the surface and decide on what type of nozzle to use, the most commonly used is the one that produces a fan spray, and it cleans a wide area with a single pass. The other type of nozzle produces a narrow powerful jet and is only used to remove stubborn dirt or deposits.

Intertel Property Services experts take extra care to make sure that only the dirt is removed leaving the surface intact, the high pressure jet can easily damage the concrete if care is not taken when using the high pressures at close range.

During the cleaning process there are some surfaces which might require the use of detergents, and in such cases we us the biodegradable detergents which are also harmless to people and animals. Our Pressure washers come with a temperature control provision and this is very important because the detergents work better at high temperatures hence making the dirt removal process faster.
The concrete surface pressure washing is faster and gives an evenly cleaned surface; most professionals will ensure that all the dirt, grease, oil, algae and other contaminants are removed from the surfaces. This method saves you money and time and is suitable for most concrete surfaces. In addition to the indoor floors, they are also used to clean basketball and tennis courts, saunas, driveways etc.

The Intertel Property experts will ensure that the whole cleaning process from the preparation, choice of the right washer machine, pressure, and removal of dirt and wash water, is done efficiently with no damage to the concrete of any other equipment.