Energy Efficient LED Track Lights and Fixtures

The energy-efficient LED track lights combine energy-saving features with superior functionalities that add a clean and sleek look to any space.
With high-efficiency LED bulbs, the LED track lights produce little heat, hence, reducing the cooling requirements and extending their service life. In addition, most have Aluminum die-cast housing with rear ventilation to improve cooling and performance.
Most manufacturers produce LED track lights in a variety of exterior colors to blend well with your room. This, together with the appealing construction, allows the LED track light fixtures to provide a unique and innovative style that adapts well to any environment.

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Depending on the lighting needs of your application, the lights are available in different output configurations. For example, you can get a single bulb configuration of say 20W or twin lamps with a total of 40 W, each supplied by 120V AC or 240 Volts depending on the region. LED track lighting fixtures range from a single bulb to six or more energy-efficient LED bulbs.
Further, you can get a color temperature of 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000K or more and a beam spread of angles such as 10˚, 25˚, and 35˚, and others.
Besides the 120 and 240 Volts supply, there are 12 V DC LED tracking lights that run off batteries and are ideal for solar or backup systems.
These have the same characteristics as the AC-powered lights but have the advantage of working when there is a power outage provided the battery has enough charge.
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Benefits of the LED track lights


  • The LED track lights provide instant light upon switch on, consume very little energy, and have a long lifespan, hence little running and replacement costs.
  • Typical LED track light fixtures have 330˚ rotation angles and 180˚ tilt angles. This enables you to easily adjust and direct the light to the target area.
  • Most of the high-quality LED track lights have a good color rendering index of over 80, hence producing almost natural light and true colors.
  • The durable, high-quality, certified lights usually come with a 5-year warranty.

Where to buy energy-saving and affordable LED track lights

There are several manufacturers of LED tracking lights and fixtures. This gives you a wide range of designs, features, wattage, color properties, number of lights, and prices for the different components. You can get all these and other products from the Walmart online store.
Please check for the LED track light components that meet your lighting requirements and budget.

  • LED track light fixtures
  • LED track light bulbs
  • LED tracking light accessories
  • LED track light kits

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