What is an Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is a piece of kitchen equipment, almost like a flat hotplate, with a smooth metal surface and an electrical heat source underneath. Generally, a griddle is a big frying pan but without the sides or handles, it has a smooth metal surface and a heat source directly underneath.

The two common types of griddles are;

  1. Electric griddles that use electricity for heating
  2. Gas griddles where the source of heat is gas

Factors to consider when looking for an electric griddle

The source of heat does not make a big difference but the quality of the griddle matters a lot. There are different factors that influence the choice of an electric griddle. Most people prefer the stick-free or nonstick type and especially those that are easy to clean.

Other considerations include the shape. Although the electric griddles have a flat surface, they may either have a high or low-profile design. Each has its benefits as well as limitations. For example, a low-profile gas or electric griddle has an attractive presentation, especially when serving a buffet.

Presto Electric griddle

Presto Cool Touch Electric Tilt ‘n’ Drain Griddle

Some electric griddles are dishwater safe, but this is after removing the heat control system. These are safe to submerge in water.

Unlike the hot plates which are usually round, the majority of the griddles are rectangular, while sizes depend on the usage area and purpose.

The electric griddles fall into several categories;
These include;

  • Indoor electric griddles
  • Outdoor Electric griddles
  • Commercial electric griddles
  • Home electric griddles

The commercial griddles are usually suitable for restaurants and other areas where there is a need to cook more food while smaller designs are for personal or domestic use. However, the restaurants may also use smaller types for flexibility. A griddle can fall into two categories such as an outdoor commercial griddle, an indoor commercial electric griddle, etc.

There are also tabletop electric griddles which are highly portable to allow you to make your breakfast anywhere as long as there is an electrical socket.

Construction materials of electric griddles

The type of material varies according to budget, use, application area as well as desired quality. The majority of griddles are either cast iron or stainless steel. The chrome and stainless steel griddles are costly and suitable for commercial applications and are mostly used in hotels and restaurants.

Cuisinart electric griddle


cuisinart electric griddle

Cuisinart – Griddler® FIVE Electric Griddle – Stainless Steel


Thicker metals have benefits such as the ability to retain the heat better as well as excellent cooking quality.

The majority of electric griddles have heavy-cast aluminum bases. The benefit of this construction is that they are virtually warp-proof.

Low-cost griddles are simply flat prices of steel or iron. The non-electric can fit over gas burners or campfires. Regardless of the construction material and design the main characteristic of a griddle is for its surface to remain level when in use. If not, the liquids will either spill or run off to the side that is lower.

What food to cook on an electric griddle

The food cooks directly on the griddle surface. Most people use the flat griddle to cook breakfast items such as scrambled eggs, French toast, pancakes, hash browns, hot sandwiches, burgers, and more.

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