PaybyPhone Pay for Parking system for Peterborough City – UK

PaybyPhone is replacing RingGo mobile payment solution for parking in the Peterborough city. The mobile parking solution will cover 3624 parking spaces spread across the city’s 31 on and off-street locations.

For this reason, the users must download the PayByPhone app from the Google Play Store for Android phones, or the Apple Store for iOS, and for Appworld for BlackBerry.


The image below shows how to use the Paybyphone app.

For more information on how to use, download or pay for parking using the app, you can check the details on the PaybyPhone website. The PayByphone is an easy to use app that eases the payment process and you can even pay for the parking on the go, you do not have to waste time looking for the attendants.

In addition to using an app, you also use the PayByPhone online platform or call them and go through the payment process.

The change to a new parking payment platform provider came at the same time the Pertorsbough council announced an increase in tariffs by 50p for parking in the city’s car parks. The council is also increasing the fees for the resident and visitors permits.

By increasing the fees, the council hopes to improve its collections by over £300000 per year. This will go a long way to assist the cash strapped authority of which a third will pay for more wardens while the difference will cover some of the city authority’s multi-million-pound deficit.

PaybyPhone and other Pay for parking mobile solutions

Paying to park using mobile phones has been gaining popularity in cities and towns across the world. This is an effective payment solution especially for city authorities looking for ways to cut costs and improve fee collection. Generally, the technology is convenient, easy to use and quicker, hence saving time for both the motorists and the parking attendants.

In addition to the public on-street parking spaces, owners of the private and off-street parking spaces are also embracing mobile technology. Several malls, hospitals, parking silos, and other facilities are partnering with the mobile parking payment service providers to help them improve efficiency, cut costs and time.

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