Order the Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus Now at Motorola

New Moto g power gives you up to three full days of battery life, so you can do the things you want without worrying about recharging. Shoot the perfect photo from any angle with a versatile triple camera system. And thanks to the 6.4” Max Vision Full HD+ display and dual stereo speakers tuned by Dolby®, you’ll have an all-access pass to the world of entertainment. moto g power. Power for life.

Moto G Power @ $249.99Moto G Power

Order the Moto G Power Now at Motorola.com!

Always on point.

With its 48 MP1, AI-powered triple camera system, moto g stylus captures outstanding shots in every situation. Whether it’s sharper, brighter photos in low light, ultra-wide action videos, or detailed close-ups, moto g stylus is all the camera you need. Want to edit your photos with pinpoint precision? Slide-out the stylus to retouch an image or jot down a note. moto g stylus. You + perfection.

Moto G Stylus @ $299.99Moto G stylus

Order the Moto G Stylus Now at Motorola.com!

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