How Video Surveillance Protects and Improves Businesses

Video surveillance technology allows businesses and security establishments to monitor and identify abnormal activities.

Recent technological advancements allow video surveillance systems to be incorporated into IP networks as well as corporate networks.  This makes it easier to monitor the cameras from remote locations in real-time.

Further, intelligent video surveillance systems (IVS) have video content analysis software that eliminates the need for security personnel to spend hours reviewing the videos. The software detects unusual activities and can be configured to send an alert to the relevant authorities.

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While the traditional CCTV installations were merely for security reasons, the advanced video surveillance systems can be used to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of Video surveillance in businesses

Here are the top benefits of a video surveillance system.

Limit the loss of business assets

A video surveillance system is a good deterrent to internal and external thefts. Employees commit most of the thefts undetected unless there is a very thorough system to scan and manually check them as they go in and out of the premises. The manual system of using security guards is ineffective and they cannot manage to be everywhere.

Video surveillance is inexpensive and a more convenient way of monitoring your business premises interiors and exteriors. The system will either stop employees from stealing or at least identify those who are taking away items from your business. External thieves will fear to enter your premises if they know that they are being recorded, and if they break in and steal, the video evidence can help the police in identifying the criminals.

Using video surveillance systems to increase productivity 

Supervisors and managers can use video images to monitor employee productivity and determine areas where employees need to improve. The surveillance system inside the premises will verify that shifts start and end on time and break times are observed. And when the employees know that they are being watched, they will be more careful and productive.

The business owner or managers can monitor employees and see if they are misbehaving, bullying others and if there is sexual harassment. In addition, they will see if there are any after-hour activities.

Using video surveillance systems for increased safety

Video surveillance will determine if employees are following safety rules or if any equipment is operating in an unsafe manner.

Monitor the business from anywhere 

An IP based video surveillance helps owners to view their businesses while away from the office. Using the remote surveillance, they will be in a position to see what is happening in their business from their smartphones, tablets or PC.

Use video data for marketing

Information from the surveillance system can be used to analyze customers’ traffic patterns, behavior and where they spend most of their time.

Monitoring customer transactions

Retail establishments monitor customer activities within their premises; by doing this they are able to catch shoplifters and other unauthorized activities. The video surveillance records can also be used to resolve disputes for customers who may come back for an exchange or complain about mistreatment or rude employees.

The video evidence can be used to determine if what the customer is claiming actually happened or whether the customer is simply looking for fraudulent compensation.

Provide video evidence and eliminate dishonest claims

If an employee, customer or visitor is injured or hurt within your business premises, it can result in certain types of lawsuits and insurance claims. However, a video surveillance system can be used to monitor and record all activities in and around your business.

The recorded video evidence can protect you and your business against unjust or intentional lawsuits brought about by a litigious customer, disgruntled employee or malicious people looking to “get over”. In addition, the stored images can help to resolve employee disputes or help with any police investigation that may arise.


Besides security, information from video surveillance has proven to be useful in other areas such as marketing, increased productivity and insurance purposes. A well-implemented system will benefit the business owner by preventing theft and employee misconduct while increasing employee productivity and safety. In addition, the video evidence is useful in resolving disputes or aiding investigations for crimes committed in or around your business.

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