How to Pay Parking in Nairobi using Mobile Phone

To pay for parking using a mobile phone in Nairobi, motorists can now use the code *235# which became effective after the older Ejijipay system was discontinued. The contract between Jambopay and the Nairobi county government came to an end recently hence the need to switch. As such, there is a new Nairobi parking number #235. The older Nairobi parking USSD #217 is no longer valid

How to pay for parking in Nairobi by phone

To pay for parking in Nairobi using a mobile phone

  • Dial *235#  – A Nairobi City County epayment menu with five options appear.
  • Select 1 for parking – This gives you the option to pay for daily parking, seasonal parking, offstreet parking or penalties.
  • Select 1 for Daily parking or  2 for seasonal
  • Enter the Vehicle Registration Number
  • Select zone  – CBD, Yaya, Westlands, etc
  • Select vehicle type – bus, canter lorry, private, taxi, etc.
  • Proceed with the payment of the specified amount depending on the vehicle type
  • Follow the easy to use the menu



Following the end of the contract between Jambo Pay and Nairobi county government, there are a few changes in regard to how people and businesses pay for service such as permits, parking in Nairobi.


Older Nairobi city parking method

Previously, Jambopay provided and supported the Ejijipay platform where motorist could use USSD, smartphone or online payment systems to pay for their parking and other services. Most people are used to dialing *217# and then proceeding with an easy-to-use menu.

This is no longer valid as from 8th June 2019 and there is now a new code *235# which enable users to access the Nairobi county portal and pay for the services.

Nairobi launches its Internal digital payment system

Unlike before when the Nairobi county government subcontracted a third party revenue collection agency. The new system is internal and Nairobi county won’t be paying any fee for the collection.


Paying parking and other business services digitally have several benefits to the individuals, companies and the Nairobi county government. In particular, the motorists are able to pay for parking from anywhere. As such, they do not have to wait for a parking attendant to issue a physical receipt. Also, the digital payment in Nairobi does not require a motorist to display a receipt on the vehicle. The Nairobi parking attendants or inspectors need to use smartphones or other mobile gadgets to verify that the parking for the vehicle, by the registration, has been paid.

This means more revenue and accountability.

The residents and customers will now be using a new Nairobi county USSD code *235#. A menu appears with a number of services. Choose the respective option depending on the service they want to pay for.

Please check here later for more details.

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