GammaTech Durabook R11 Tablet, the Sleek, Fully-Rugged Tablet PC

Durabook R11 tablet is a sleek and fully-rugged windows based Tablet PC ideal for the field and rough environments.
On September 16, 2014, leading rugged computer manufacturer Gamma Tech released a stunning new Durabook R11; an elegant, ultra-thin and lightweight Windows-based Tablet PC that is designed towards field deployment in any sector and environment.
The Rugged Durabook R11 tablet preview
The Durabook R11 tablet offers a generous amount of display with its diagonal screen size of 11.6 inch but its feels smaller, lighter and thinner making it more a portable package.
The Durabook R11 tablet weighs just 2.76 pounds (1.2 kg), has a 20mm height and is built to survive 4-foot drops on the floor. The rugged tablet is an IP65 level, “6″ mean it’s completely dust proof, and “5”, it can withstand water splashes. It operates within a temperature range of -10 ~55 degree Celsius (14 F – 131 F), 5%~95% humidity and a 15.000 feet altitude.

gammatech-durabook-r11-rugged-windows-tablet-pc 4
Gammatech Durabook R11 tablet Image credit: gammatech

Gammatech Durabook R11 tablet hardware specifications
The Durabook R11 tablet sports the latest 4th generation Intel processors “Haswell” i5 or i7 processors that offer the best of both mid-range performance and low battery consumption. The Durabook R11 PC has a 1366×768 pixel capacitive multi-touch LCD panel with an option for an active digitizer for more precision in if you require pen input for sketching, hand writing or even the signature capture. It features two types of displays, the standard version of 360 nits brightness or you can choose a stronger 730 nits backlight for sunlight-readable display with reduced internal reflectivity and increased contrast for outdoor use.
gammatech-durabook-r11-rugged-windows-tablet-pc 2
Gammatech Durabook R11 tablet – Image credit: gammatech

The Durabook R11 tablet combines a contemporary look and feel with late-mode, running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Pro. It has mass storage capacity with either an M2-SATA SSD 64 GB or 128 GB, and a system memory of 4GB RAM with an option to upgrade to 8 GB. It comes with a 5MP on its rear side and a standard 2MP front camera, 1500mcd LED flashlight with an option for Geo Tagging. It has 45.8 watt-hour batteries with 7 hour estimated battery life designed for long usage in the field. It has an expansion connector that can accommodate various expansion modules.
And for wired file transfer, the Durabook R11 tablet comes with two speedy full-size USB 3.0 ports. Also it has an audio jack, docking connector, with RS232 and USB, the barcode scanner is available via the optional dock. It has 1 x Micro SD card slot supports SDHC & SDXC.
Standard features of the Durabook R11 rugged tablet include, Wi-Fi, Class 1 Bluetooth version 4 and come with an optional strap and can be mounted on to a desk, in a vehicle, or to your hand or arm.
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