Top Free Video Streaming Services

Free streaming services provide a means of viewing movies and TV shows without paying anything. Towards this, there are several free streaming services that are stable and effective if you do not have the cash to subscribe to paid offerings. Also, these are legal services, so you do not have to fear.

As cable TV continues evolving, many providers are today offering a wide range of services and plans. As with any other technology, the programs, viewership, and audience vary from one provider and region to the other. The cable TV statistics for 2020 helps you to understand the trends and numbers, including what has changed or remained stable.

Free streaming services

Below are some of the free movie and TV streaming services.

Crackle streaming services

This is one of the best free movie and TV streaming service that is also well known. The Sony-sponsored product has a wide range of collection, including the movies and TV shows from the 80s through the 00s. It also has newer films and some original content like the Startup that talks about technology companies.

It also offers shows such as Crime 2.0 that has popular actors like Ronald Perlman, Martic Freedom, and Adam Brody. Generally, Crackle is a great free streaming service worth a trial.

IMDb Freedive streaming services

This is a great yet free product from Amazon. Most people know about the Amazon Prime Video, which is an add-on for Prime customers. However, this is a commercial service. On the other hand, Amazon offers the IMDb freedive as a free video streaming service. However, the IMDb is a video-on-demand (VoD) service that features older TV series shows such as The Bachelor, Heroes, Without a Trace, Fringe and more. Others include commercial movies such as Memento, Awakenings, Monster, Groundhog Day, The Illusionist and more.

The IMDb Freedrive free streaming service is great but only available in the USA and the only free channel that is not on Roku. The service requires an Amazon Fire TV device or a computer.

Vudu free streaming services

This is a free service from Walmart. Unlike the commercial rental VoD service, the Vudu is a free shows and movie service that comes with commercials.

free video streaming services

The shows and movies are usually older, but since it is free, it is doesn’t hurt to use the service. Typical movies on the service include the Gods of Egypt, National Lampoon Vacation, and shows such as WildFire, 21 Jump Street, etc.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a great free Video on demand VoD service. The free streaming service comes with a video library with over 7000 titles, probably the largest collection. This is mainly due to its partnership with popular digital libraries such as Paramount Picture, Lionsgate, Starz, MGM, and others.

One of the benefits of using the Tubi TV free streaming service is that you can resume your play from where you left.


This is a free video on demand (VoD) service. The network provides a bit more obscure movies. However, it has a good selection of popular TV shows such as the Roseann, Cybill, Third Rock From the Sun and more.

The Roku channel

Roku is now offering a free streaming service through its channel. The network borrows free TV shows and movies from other streaming networks as well as offering its own free content. The Roku Channel provides a mix of current and older films and TV shows. Although you can use the Roku device to enjoy the free service, it is also possible to watch the shows and films through The Channel on the web.


Xumo offers a wide range and variety of shows and networks. It caters for different preferences, providing different shows such as sports channels with dedicated games networks such as for golf and others. The services can even learn what a user likes to watch and suggest similar selections on the channel.

However, the free streaming service does not have the DVR options and often display commercials on all the shows.

Final word

There are plenty of free services that allow people to enjoy a wide range of shows. With resources like the above, it is no wonder that many people are “cutting the cord” after they compare cable costs with streaming services!


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