VHF and UHF in Audio Wireless Systems

the signals on certain radio frequencies. The band of frequency
varies from one system to the other. In addition, the quality of sound and range may
differ across different frequency bands.
Currently, there are two commonly used frequency bands; the Very High Frequency (VHF) and the Ultra High Frequency (UHF). The VHF frequencies range between 174 and 216 MHz while the UHF range between 470 and 805MHz.
Transmission range of VHF vs UHF
The UHF, which has a longer transmission range and doesn’t suffer much
from TV interference, is usually used for the high quality wireless
systems. On the other hand, the VHF has a shorter range and doesn’t
move easily in the atmosphere as the UHF. In addition, the VHF has a lower number of
available frequencies.