Epoxy Coating Solution

Epoxy coating is a strong protective covering made from epoxy based resins and is used to improve the surface qualities. The main surfaces are the floors which are required to be hard and durable. It is suitable for both internal and external applications and mainly used in areas such as factories, garages, supermarkets, and other high traffic areas.

Some advantages of using the coating includes
  • ·        Improved appearance, high performance and decorative features (suitable in areas where terrazzo or colored concrete are to be used)

  • ·         High resistance to heat, ultra-violet light and corrosive chemicals
  • ·         High toughness and abrasion resistance properties
  • ·         Strong adhesion to metals, fibers, glass and other substrates
  • ·         High rust, alkalis, acid and solvents resistance

Types of Epoxy Coating
There are three main types of epoxy coatings, the solid, water based and the solvent based epoxy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, the solid proxy cures fastest and requires more expertise; the water based cures slowly and eliminates almost all harmful fumes that are contained in the epoxy material. The solvent based are the most popular, comes in a variety of colors and are highly adhesive but have the disadvantage of releasing harmful fumes that can lead to lung damage if inhaled.
Selecting the right epoxy
The fact that epoxy coatings can be used in many areas means that one needs to assess the situation and determine the suitable epoxy for that particular application and environment, some of the factors are;

  • ·         Indoor or outdoor application
  • ·         Type of surface, this could be concrete, steel ,wood etc
  • ·         The type of protection required
  • ·         Temperatures and humidity
  • ·         Thickness
  • ·         Standards and safely issues